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Cillian Finnerty and Fergal Styles

Published by Wendy's Subway December 2020
2 booklets, Side-stapled, 18 pages, 6.75 x 5.5 inches each
Printed on Risograph at TXTbooks, Brooklyn
Edition of 75

Available at

Goliard/Methexis is a collaborative publication by Fergal Styles and Cillian Finnerty composed of photographs of images attached to a cork noticeboard. These images were selected and positioned on the board in a call-and-response manner, with one image responding to the one that precedes it. Recalling direct messaging-as-image exchanges, as well as the ludic structures of of exquisite corpse or Oulipo texts, Goliard/Methexis stages a dialogue in images that notates or acts as a proxy for verbal communication.

Taken from a diverse range of digital and material sources, and consisting of drawings, photographs, diagrams, and clippings from used books, the images reflect a wide range of changing and recurring preoccupations, including modernist design of the latter half of the twentieth century, the interdependence betwen the human-made and natural worlds, and conflicting ideas regarding economies of scale.

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